Engineering Department Teaching by the Inference Group [from 2015]

1BP7 – Part 1B Paper 7, Probability and Statistics

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Physics Department Teaching by the Inference Group [from 1995 to 2009]

Part 1B: Introduction to Computing (A C++ course, first taught in 2007) | Dynamics | Electromagnetism | Thermodynamics |

Part II literature reviews (out of date)

Part II: Statistical Physics

Part II Computing (out of date)

| Symbolic Algebra using Maple | Fortran 90, gnuplot and ups |

Part III Information Theory, etc.

Part III Materials, Electronics and Renewable Energy

Part III Renewable Energy (2007-8) (out of date)

Part II and Part III Back-of-envelope Physics (2005), focusing on Sustainable Energy (out of date)

Part III projects (out of date)

Materials Modelling MPhil projects (out of date)

How to teach

Minute papers and other suggestions from Berkeley.

Interactive Teaching Ideas (one page of A4) (postscript) by David MacKay |(tex)

A Note On Exams by David MacKay | pdf


We carried out a survey on 14th March 2000, to try to assess the effectiveness of our physics teaching. The results of this survey are described here. Many thanks to those who participated!

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