IB thermodynamics: Revision material

Note: This material is included in the vac handout pack (PDF or 2up PDF).

Here is a short summary of the course, which includes a list of important quantities and equations.

Here are some revision problems. Use those as well as the example sheets and material from lectures. Here are some solutions to the revision problems

Revision session

In the first revision session (20 April), you asked for a clearer solution to the adiabatic atmosphere. Here it is. Let me know of any errors or unclear parts.

We'll have another revision session: 17 May (Monday), 3-5pm, Corpus, Room I4 (same place as the last one).

Some of you have told me that they cannot make the above time due to supervisions, so an additional session will be 1.30-3.00 on Monday (i.e. same place but just before the above time). So, there will be two roughly independent sessions, 1.30-3.00 and 3.00-5.00. Feel free to come to both if you like.

Essay questions

Section D is new this year. To help you revise, here are sample essay questions and suggestions for what to discuss in answers. In an essay, you want to show that you understand physics, rather than have memorized formulae. So, use complete sentences, not strings of equations connected by hence. Use examples where possible. Explain the meaning of the variables in a formula. Perhaps show that an equation is dimensionally correct.

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