IB thermodynamics: Lecture notes and reading suggestions

Summaries of what we did in each lecture, as PDF.

  1. 16 Jan 2004 (PDF).
  2. 19 Jan 2004 (PDF).
  3. 21 Jan 2004 (PDF).
  4. 23 Jan 2004 (PDF).
  5. 26 Jan 2004 (PDF). Useful preparation: Read about thermal conductivity for example in Adkins, pp. 31ff or Baierlein, pp. 367-369; and about heat capacities in Adkins, pp. 23-26 or Baierlein, pp. 11-13. I think Tabor, Gases, Liquids, and Solids, has material about thermal diffusivity, but I will check when I get to my copy; you can also find material in Baierlein, pp. 371 and nearby.
  6. 28 Jan 2004 (PDF).
  7. 30 Jan 2004 (PDF). Read about gas laws and adiabatic changes: Adkins, pp. 40-42; or Baierlein, pp. 13-16.
  8. 2 Feb 2004 (PDF). Readings for the week:
  9. 4 Feb 2004 (PDF).
  10. 6 Feb 2004 (PDF). Rain shadows, Carnot cycles.

    Statements about science and weapons to discuss. And entropy and vapor pressure (see readings for week beginning 2 Feb).

    Booklet by Charles Schwartz, Information for Students on the military aspects of careers in PHYSICS, handed out in the last lecture.

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