IB thermodynamics: Your midway feedback

Around the middle of the lecture course, I asked you for comments on the course. The IB year has perhaps 170 or 180 students of whom 140 or 150 came to the lectures. I got 136 feedback forms. Thank you for spending the time and thought on the feedback. I finally answered those who put your name and email on the sheet.

I also typed in the comments from all the forms. Here they are fully anonymized. I took out all names and emails and any comments that might indicate someone's identity. Here are PDF versions of the above HTML page:
    A4    A4 (2up)    US letter    US letter (2up)   

I hope you enjoy reading the comments made by your colleagues. With so many forms it is hard to get an overview of the sentiments. So I ranked the forms from most favorable to most hostile (the ranking is approximate, like so much of the course), and list also the deciles (100th percentile, 90th percentile, ...). The decile selections come first, then all the comments, including those in the decile list.

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