IB classical thermodynamics (Lent 2003-2004)

Good luck next week!

Handout pack for the vac

Here is a handout pack for your bedtime reading during the vac. It has all the example sheets, solutions, and lecture notes; plus revision problems and a summary sheet of formulas and useful quantities. Here it is as one PDF file and the same stuff formatted 2up to save paper.

New! One addition to the revision page (a clearer solution to the adiabatic atmosphere).

New! We'll have another revision session: 17 May (Monday), 3-5pm, Corpus, Room I4 (same place as the last one). Some of you have told me that they cannot make the above time due to supervisions, so an additional session will be 1.30-3.00 on Monday (i.e. same place but just before the above time). So, there will be two roughly independent sessions, 1.30-3.00 and 3.00-5.00. Feel free to come to both if you like.

Revision material

Has new material for the essay section (section D).



Example sheets and solutions

Thoughts for supervisions

Lecture notes and reading suggestions

Course philosophy

Frequently asked questions

Your feedback midway through the course

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