Sally Clark

Sally Clark 1964-2007

Sally Clark
STOLEN INNOCENCE A Mother's Fight for Justice: The Authorised Story of Sally Clark by John Batt £14.99

Sally Clark - victim of a miscarriage of justice

SALLY FREE! 29 January 2003: Sally's conviction was quashed by the Court of Appeal

clark_family Sally Clark is a young woman solicitor who, with her solicitor husband, Stephen, has had three sons. She was convicted of murdering her first two babies, a few weeks after their births, despite maintaining throughout that the babies tragically died for no known reason. She was sent to prison, separated from her husband and surviving son, to serve two life sentences for murder after an influential "expert" told the jury it was too improbable that two children in one family could possibly die of natural causes.

In fact,
  • there are 9 cot deaths per week in the UK;
  • every year, fifty families that have already suffered one baby's death lose a second baby.

After over three years in prison, and five years of fighting in the legal system, Sally was cleared by the Court of Appeal in January 2003.

StolenInnocence What's new:

Sally and Steve Clark thank all the members of the media who have expressed a wish to interview them, but at present would simply like to be allowed to rebuild their lives together, with their son, in privacy. They would appreciate it if all media enquiries could be sent by fax to their media lawyer.

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