Sally Clark

Sally Clark 1964-2007

Sally Clark

Case history written in January 2000 by Sally's father, Frank Lockyer

Evidence from hospital, health visitors, neighbours, and the nanny

It was agreed by ambulancemen, nurses and hospital doctors that there was not a mark on either baby on arrival at the hospital. It was agreed by all the Defence medical team that the abuse alleged by Williams could not be occasioned without leaving marks. It was agreed by the clinic staff that both babies were bonny and thriving when regularly examined, including a few hours before death. Sally and Steve with their first son Christopher It was agreed by midwives, health visitors, neighbours, the daily nanny, and husband Steve that there was at all times a strong bond of love between mother and child. It was agreed by the medical witnesses on both sides (again except Williams) that the cause of both deaths was "unascertained." The public cannot have known this as the newspapers reported only the Prosecution evidence. Neither could they know that Williams' pathology was described variously as "a blood bath"; as "cavalier, proved wrong in every area"; "never seen so many inconsistencies in a pathology report"; "no weight can be attached to any of the findings in a lot of contradictions."

This was summarised by counsel as "That catalogue of errors of findings and interpretations fills me with horror that this is the foundation of this woman being charged with murder."

Yet Sally was convicted on both counts and is now serving two sentences of life imprisonment. How could this have happened?

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