Sally Clark

Sally Clark 1964-2007

Sally Clark

Statement by Sally Clark

on publication of the Court of Appeal's judgment

11 April 2003

Part of me wanted so much to be here today, not least to achieve some sort of closure to what has a been a terrible nightmare for me and my family for the last 5 years.

I wanted to look Lord Justice Kay in the eye and, in so doing, thank him and his judicial brethren for their wisdom and sense of justice. I also wished to take the opportunity to thank, once again, the hundreds of well- wishers who have written to me since my release, as they did while I was in prison, and to reiterate my gratitude to my legal team for their tireless efforts on my behalf.

In addition, I wanted to express my love for my family and friends. Since I was released, none of the authorities has contacted me, asking if I needed any kind of financial, medical or emotional help. Yet again, my family and friends have stepped into the vacuum.

Whilst I find it hard to feel any bitterness towards those responsible for destroying my life, I know that my family have what they call 'unfinished business' with some of the police officers, doctors and lawyers involved. So my story is not over yet.

But something important happened to me last week which made me take the difficult decision to stay away from court today. Something that many of you will, I hope, empathise with and understand. I took my little boy to the park and struck up a conversation with the other mums there. Not one of them knew who I was.

How I have longed for that day - to be a normal mum, doing normal things, which had been denied to me, without fear of being recognised, without any self-consciousness.

It is for that reason that I am not here today. I do not want to submit myself to any more publicity than is absolutely necessary. I have refused hundreds of offers (some involving unbelievable sums of money) to do interviews for that same reason.

When I feel strong enough, I may consider campaigning for a change in the way in which sudden unexplained infant deaths are investigated, ever mindful that the protection of children must be paramount.

In the meantime, however, I thank you all for continuing to respect my family's privacy.

Sally Clark

Issued on Sally's behalf by Sue Stapely
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