Sally Clark

Sally Clark 1964-2007

Sally Clark

A message from Sally

Bullwood Hall
July 4 2002

Thanks to all of my supporters who have written to me this week, after the heartening news on Tuesday. I will try to answer all of your letters but, there have been so many, that it may take some time. Please bear with me - I am only allowed so many pens at one time!!

Life doesn't get any easier in here, but your steadfast support over the last two and a half years has kept me going in the darkest moments. Hopefully, there is now light at the end of the tunnel and my ordeal will soon be over. The justice system moves terribly slowly, so you must have patience. We aren't there yet - by a long way. This is just the beginning, and it could still be a long hard fight to prove my innocence.

Thanks to all of you who have always believed in me. Godwilling, I'll be able to thank some of you in person later this year.


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