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Dr.Williams found guilty of serious professional misconduct
(PDF file (26 pages, 1Meg) detailing the findings of the GMC)

We are pleased that the GMC has finally acknowledged what we maintained all along - that Dr.Williams' post mortems on our baby sons were incompetent in many crucial respects and that he failed in his basic duty as an expert witness to be fair, accurate and objective when he gave evidence against Sally.

It is a matter of great regret that his obvious failings were completely ignored by various public bodies:

1. The CPS, who chose to rely upon him as their main expert witness at Sally's trial and her two appeals. If they had not done so, then this case would never have been brought, our family would have been spared the many agonies we suffered over the last seven years and the taxpayer would have been saved many millions of pounds.

2. Macclesfield Hospital NHS Trust, whose chairman went on the record that the Trust had "complete confidence in Dr.Williams' performance".

3. The Home Office, who were responsible for monitoring Dr.Williams' accreditation a a Home Office pathologist, and who declined to investigate our complaints.

4. The first court of appeal, which described Dr.Williams as "an experienced paediatric pathologist", when it was clear even then that he is nothing of the sort.

It is further serious cause for concern that it has taken the GMC four and a half years to hear our complaints about Dr.Williams, which were first made by Martin Bell OBE in December 2000 when he was our MP.

Indeed, the GMC tried to dismiss the allegations entirely at one stage and, but for Martin's persistence, this hearing would never have been held. Had the GMC invesitgated the complaints properly and promptly at the time they were made, then Dr.Williams' failings would have been exposed much earlier and Sally would not have spent three and a half years in prison.

We thank Martin for his support throughout, even when he ceased to be an MP, and hope that lessons will at last be learnt by the medical and legal professions from what was described in Parliament as, "one of the worst miscarriages of justice in recent years".


Sally and Steve again thank the Press for their interest and support, but repeat that they will not be giving interviews or making further statements, as they simply wish to be allowed to get on with their lives.

All requests for further information should be directed to John Batt (01372 372500)

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