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GMC Hearing into Serious Professional Misconduct by Dr. Alan Williams

24 January, 2005

This hearing in front of the General Medical Council's Professional Conduct Committee has only come about as a result of the determination of Martin Bell OBE (who was our MP at the time) to hold Dr. Williams to account for his professional misconduct which resulted in the false prosecution of Sally Clark.

Martin made his original complaint to the GMC more than 4 years ago, in December 2000, and we are extremely disappointed that it has taken the GMC so long to take any action against the doctor who we believe was primarily responsible for what was described in the House of Commons as, "The worst miscarriage of justice in recent history", and the fallout from which has wrecked our lives and will ultimately cost the British taxpayer millions of pounds.

Indeed, the GMC even tried to screen out Martin's complaint in January 2002, and it was only due to his remarkable persistence and the high profile of Sally's case that the GMC has been forced into holding this hearing at all.

We shall forever be in Martin's debt for his unwavering support, but we are deeply concerned that the GMC has declined to take any action in respect of some of the more serious of his complaints, and has emasculated a number of the others. This is unfortunate, because it means that the Professional Conduct Committee will not have the opportunity to consider the full scope of Dr. Williams' medical errors and professional misbehaviour, which were the subject of such scathing criticism by the Court of Appeal in January 2003. As a result, we fear that his actions may escape proper scrutiny.

For these reasons, we regret that we have little confidence in today's hearing, as we believe that it will have the effect of protecting a doctor, rather than the public (as it is supposed to do).

We will not be attending the hearing, giving any interviews or making any further statements. We are trying to rebuild what is left of our lives and to protect our surviving child from any more publicity. Whilst we thank the media for their interest, we would ask, therefore, that they respect our family's privacy.


Any media enquiries to Sue Stapely: 020 7834 6321

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