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Sally Clark 1964-2007

Sally Clark
fiona has stayed close to Sally throughout her trial and imprisonment

Media Coverage, 2002

  • September 2002: Plus magazine (from the Millenium Mathematics Project): `Beyond reasonable doubt'
  • August 9th 2002: New Law Journal editorial: `Convicted by flawed science'
  • July 25th 2002: Law Gazette article: `Cry Freedom'
  • July 3 2002: The news that Sally's case has been sent back to the Court of Appeal features prominently in all newspapers. The Independent put it on the front page. The Guardian also had a long article. July 4 2002: a centre page spread in the Daily Mail by Geoffrey Wansell -- totally supportive of Sally - plus a reprint of the article by Sally's friend Fiona Rosen.
  • Tuesday July 2nd 2002 at 8pm (and repeated the following Sunday), Radio Four's "File on Four" programme features a piece by John Sweeney on Sally's case, and several others in which Prof Sir Roy Meadow was involved. Transcript of programme.
  • July 2nd 2002 The Independent carries a large article (p.3) by John Sweeney.
  • June 28th 2002 An article about the statistics, in the T.H.E.S.
  • June 17th 2002 The Times carries an article about Sally's anticipated second appeal.
    "The Criminal Cases Review Commission's likely decision has been signalled by a move by the Office for the Supervision of Solicitors to defer its appeal over Clark's professional status."
  • June 03 2002 Manchester Evening News
  • June 02 2002 Sunday Times: Doctors' inquiry reopens double cot death case
  • Fri 26/4/02 Richard Barr's comment piece leads Solicitors' Journal. Entitled 'Re-examining the possibilities', it discusses both Sally Clark's and Angela Cannings's cases.
  • Best magazine features articles by Sally's best friend Fiona, and by Sally. April 23rd 2002.
  • April 21 2002. Sally's case and Angela Cannings discussed together in a BBC item
  • April 17th 2002. The conviction of Angela Cannings has generated references to Sally's case in several papers (e.g., Telegraph, Guardian, Independent). The coverage seems generally to be quite thoughtful and sympathetic, though the 73 million to one statistic from Sally's case is quoted by the Telegraph and Independent without mentioning that it is now thoroughly discredited.
  • Sunday 10th March 2002. A piece in the Sunday Telegraph magazine, for Mother's Day.
  • Tuesday 5th March, Times Law Supplement, centre pages (pages 6 and 7) carry three articles about miscarriages of justice. No mention of Sally, but some overlap, via the Criminal Appeals Lawyers Association.
  • Sally's case was on Sky News on Saturday 23rd Feb 2002.
  • New Scientist features Sally's case in a pair of articles "Statistics on trial" (page 12) discussing the use of statistics in courts - Thu 21/2/02. (Magazine date 23 Feb 2002.)
    There was one error in the article about Sally: it said that Sally has always insisted the two babies died from cot deaths. However, Sally has always said simply that the deaths were natural, not that they were cot deaths, which are a particular type of natural death.
  • Steve Clark was on the Nicky Campbell show on Monday 4th Feb at 10.00am. (Radio 5 Live).
  • Saturday 26th Jan 2002. An article in the Mirror.
  • A feature on Steve in Sunday Times Review, Jan 20th 2002 (You have to register with to view this page; registration is free.)
  • Jan 11th 2002: Frank and John were on C4's Richard and Judy show with Dr Fleming, who has discovered that both babies died at peaks in lung infection epidemics.
  • January 2002: Sally's case was covered in detail on "Broadcasting House" at 9.00am on Radio Four on Sunday 6 Jan, and also in the Observer on that day. The case was also featured in BBC news

Media Coverage

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