Sally Clark

Sally Clark 1964-2007

Sally Clark
Sally and her best friend Fiona tell their stories in Best magazine. Here are some excerpts.

Best magazine - 23 April 2002. Issue 16/02

fiona has stayed close to Sally throughout her trial and imprisonment and keeps in touch via letters and visits
Why I know my best friend didn't murder her children

`Sally didn't murder her children. I don't think she'd even know how' says Fiona, 36.
Sitting opposite my best friend Sally, chatting about our kids over cups of coffee, it almost feels like we're two ordinary mums. She tells me about her three-year-old's latest trick and wants my opinion on her husband's new haircut. It's only at the end of my visit, when I gather my coat and Sally is led back to her cell, that I'm reminded things are not normal.

. . . . . . . .

Sally sees her remaining son just once a week when he visits the prison he knows as `Mummy's home'. I still find it hard to believe all this has happened to my friend Sally - the girl who's barely ever raised her voice.

My godson often asks me when his mummy is going to visit him at `his' house. Sally's a devoted mum and two-thirds of every letter she writes to me is filled with talk about him.

Sally as Fiona's bridesmaid

. . . . . . . .

Sally writes:

... We asked Fiona to be a godparent to Christopher and to Harry. But both of my boys died before we had the chance to have them christened. With Christopher, all the invitations had been sent out and I had even been to the bakery to give them instructions for the cake on the day he died.

When Harry was born, I again asked Fiona to be godmother. Out of everyone I know, she and her husband were most like Steve and me.

. . .

Fiona sees my son every few weeks and I admit I'm envious of the time she spends with him. Despite everything that's happened, though, I still have faith in myself as a mother.

. . .

Steve, Sally, Fiona and husband on a skiing trip

I remember my first Christmas in prison - a month after I was convicted. My little boy was too young to realise what was going on but Fiona helped make sure he had the best Christmas possible.

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