Slides for Information Theory, Pattern Recognition, and Neural Networks Lectures

David MacKay

See also The Information Theory, Inference, and Learning Algorithms website, which includes all the figures from the book, for use in teaching.

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Note: I use the blackboard in lectures, and I give the audience problems to solve. These slides are therefore an incomplete record of the lectures. Often, the slides' main function is to provide a review of key points from the preceding lectures.

Lecture 1 No computer slides
Lecture 2Introduction to compression. Information content.  
Lecture 3Source coding theorem, bent coin lottery
Lecture 4Symbol codes
Lecture 5Symbol codes and Arithmetic coding
Lecture 6Arithmetic Coding
Lectures 7+8Information measures for Noisy Channels
Lecture 9Noisy Channels; Inference
Lecture 10Inference
Lecture 11Monte Carlo methods and Variational methods
Lecture 12Content-addressable memories

These slides are copyright (c) 2005, 2006 David J.C. MacKay. They may be used for any educational purpose.