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The course textbook is Information theory, inference, and learning algorithms, by D.J.C.MacKay (2003, C.U.P.) (Rayleigh library: 39 M 20; Betty & Gordon Moore Library: Q360.M33 2003). This 640-page textbook covers the whole course, and a whole lot more. All students are strongly encouraged to buy or borrow this textbook. If you buy it at the CUP bookshop and show your University ID, you can get a 20% discount. You may download the book for free too. Guarantee: If you buy the book, then decide that you don't want to keep it, I will buy it from you for a good price and sell it on to a future student.

Other online resources

  1. A nice summary of graphical models by Kevin Murphy
  2. Introduction to Statistical Thinking - Michael Lavine offers a free book on statistics, emphasizing the likelihood principle.
  3. computer vision/image analysis/imaging books online

Textbook recommendations

Other highly recommended books are as follows; I especially recommend Goldie and Pinch (1991), Bishop (1995), and Sivia (1996), which are all reasonably priced.

For information theory and coding theory, excellent texts are McEliece (1977) and the original book by Shannon and Weaver (1949), but these are hard to find (ask your library to get Shannon (1993)). Three excellent alternatives are Hamming (1986), Goldie and Pinch (1991), and Welsh (1988). Golomb et al. (1994) is readable and discusses the practical side of coding theory as well as information theory. Gallager (1968) is similar and goes into more depth; it's a good book. Cover and Thomas (1991) is also good, though their approach is theoretical rather than practical. An important journal paper on Arithmetic coding is Witten et al. (1987) (available in the Pt II/III library).

For neural networks and pattern recognition, an excellent text is Bishop (1995); Ripley (1996) is also recommended. Ripley's book is encyclopaedic, covering a wide range of statistical models and giving large numbers of citations of the original literature; he includes a set of practical data sets which are referred to frequently throughout the book, and he also goes into some theoretical depth. Ripley's coverage is from the point of view of the statistician. Bishop's perspective is that of the Physicist-Engineer. Real data sets do not appear in Bishop's book, but simple examples are given throughout, and Bishop includes exercises too. An alternative text which emphasises connections between neural networks and statistical physics is Hertz et al. (1991). This text discusses Hopfield networks at length, unlike Bishop (1995) and Ripley (1996). An older text on pattern recognition is Duda and Hart (1973), recently republished (Duda et al., 2000) - recommended. An older book on neural networks which was written at the start of the latest craze of neural nets is Rumelhart and McClelland (1986). It's an exciting read. An excellent book on the state of the art in supervised neural network methods is Neal (1996).

For pure statistical inference, I highly recommend Sivia (1996); Berger (1985) and Bretthorst (1988) (now out of print) are also very good. Jeffreys (1939) is an important classic, and Box and Tiao (1973) is well worth reading too. Connections between statistical inference and statistical Physics are explored in the essential essays of Jaynes (Rosenkrantz, 1983). For further reading on graphical models and Bayesian belief networks, which have widespread importance in the Artifical Intelligence community, Jensen (1996) is recommended; it includes a floppy disc with the Hugin software for simulating Bayesian networks. A more theoretical text on graphical models is Lauritzen (1996). For further reading about probabilistic modelling of proteins and nucleic acids, I highly recommend Durbin et al. (1998).

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