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For the use of teachers, all the figures are provided, one figure per page, in one 343-page file (postscript) | pdf. You can also select individual figures (in encapsulated postscript files) from this directory.


How do I take one page of your postscript file and get the bounding box of the figure to be correct?
I have tried to do this for you in this directory, using the two methods described below.
Alternatively - Use this perl script by Dick Furnstahl: bbox_add.pl | bbox_add.pl (which google found here).
You can see example output of this here (applied to figures 7 and 93): example7.ps | example93.ps.
How it works
It invokes
    gs -sDEVICE=bbox -dNOPAUSE -dBATCH file.ps
to print the bounding box information for file.ps (and then exit gs). The perl script will automatically find the bounding box and correct the postscript file (or add the info if there is none). Be sure to make it executable:
    chmod +x bbox_add.pl
An alternative answer is get DJCM to make the page using dvips thus:
 dvips -E -p 7 -l 7 ../figures.dvi -o ex7.eps
- is this eps output any better for you?
How do I convert PostScript to EPS?
Use pstoepsi or ps2epsi (this didn't actually work for me). Or ps2eps | ps2eps.
ps2epsi uses gs(1) to process a PostScript(tm) file and generate as output a new file which conforms to Adobe's Encapsulated PostScript Interchange (EPSI) format. EPSI is a special form of encapsulated PostScript (EPS) which adds to the beginning of the file in the form of PostScript comments a bitmapped version of the final displayed page. Programs which understand EPSI (usually word processors or DTP programs) can use this bitmap to give a preview version on screen of the PostScript. The displayed quality is often not very good (e.g., low resolution, no colours), but the final printed version uses the real PostScript, and thus has the normal PostScript quality.
On Unix systems invoke ps2epsi like this:
            ps2epsi infile.ps [ outfile.epsi ]

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