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Courses taught until 2009

Part III

  • ME&RE - Materials, Electronics and Renewable Energy
  • IT,PR&NN - Information Theory, Pattern Recognition, and Neural Networks

Part IB (taught until 2009)

Introduction to computing

Computational Physics wiki (UCAM only) / C++ resources /

Materials, Electronics and Renewable Energy (2009)

You can find all my departmental teaching links here.

Courses I have taught are 1B Dynamics and part III Information theory, pattern recognition and neural networks

A course I proposed is Back-of-Envelope Physics - a course centred on the topic of sustainable energy.

Teaching: || Old list of Courses & projects that I am involved in in the Physics department.
|| My book on Information Theory, Pattern Recognition and Neural Networks ||

An illustration of what research in theoretical physics is like (a Bao problem)

Some images of the night sky in Egypt 4000 years ago

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