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Environment and Energy

Sustainable Energy - without the hot air A popular book by David J.C. MacKay
Published on paper, 2 December 2008. Also available for free online.

See the book's website

[If that doesn't work, there's a local copy here]

You may also enjoy reading The Truth About Phone Chargers
and other thoughts in the Sustainable Energy - without the hot air Blog.

  • On July 2nd 2009 I gave a talk for CityForum describing a possible road-map for UK energy to 2050. There is a paper ("Plan C", pdf) and a small set of slides (html). This road-map includes timescales and build-rates.

For enthusiasts: One hundred pages of further notes on topics cut from the book while finishing it - including carbon, climate change, and strategies used for misleading people.


beagleModel.ps.gz. beagleModel.pdf. abstract.
`Consistency of The Mortality of Chronically-irradiated Beagles with the Linear No-Threshold Model'. [technical report, draft, version 1.0 published online Wed 12/11/14]


RSsolar.ps. RSsolar.pdf. abstract. | <- UK
` Solar energy in the context of energy use, energy transportation, and energy storage '. Technical report, similar to paper published July 2013 as follows: MacKay DJC. 2013 Solar energy in the context of energy use, energy transportation and energy storage. Phil Trans R Soc A 371: 20110431.


Kite.ps. Kite.pdf.
`Kite Power '.
TideEstimate.ps. TideEstimate.pdf. abstract. | <- UK |
` Under-estimation of the UK Tidal Resource '.
Lagoons.ps. Lagoons.pdf. abstract. | <- UK |
` Enhancing Electrical Supply by Pumped Storage in Tidal Lagoons '.


Erg06.ps.gz. Erg06.pdf. abstract. | <- UK | Canada -> | Erg06.ps.gz. Erg06.pdf. abstract.
` Ergodic Pumping: a mechanism to drive biomolecular conformation changes '.
by Robert S MacKay and David J C MacKay

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