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Decision theory

_decision.ps | pdf | DJVU
Decision theory - a simple example

Reinforcement learning

RLcoin.ps.gz. RLcoin.pdf. abstract. | <- UK | Canada -> | RLcoin.ps.gz. RLcoin.pdf. abstract.
` Solution of a Toy Problem by Reinforcement Learning '.

Fair Elections

I26P3.pdf | abstract
Probabilistic electoral methods, representative probability, and maximum entropy.
Roger Sewell, David MacKay, Iain McLean
This paper was accepted (Dec 2008) for publication in Voting Matters. The published paper (Issue 26, January 2009) is available as a pdf file. | abstract
[This paper was formerly titled 'A maximum entropy approach to fair elections' RFSpdf.pdf (sorry, no longer available online)]

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