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Contacting me

David MacKay sadly passed away in April 2016. This an archive of his website. Any queries relating to this archived website should be directed to webmaster@inference.org.uk

email See above
twitter @davidjcmackay
google+ google.com/+DavidMacKayFRS.

  • If you need to ask me a question, and you think that I have probably already answered it, please save your time by finding the already-answer. For example,
    • you can try my Virtual receptionist, who already knows the answers to 1000s of questions. Be aware that if you email a new question, it may take me some time to deal with the email.
    • If it's a question about energy, please be sure to read the friendly book first. It is available free online. The website also has links to an open-source wiki (currently down, owing to vandalism) in which I and others have written further information - see in particular the "Extensions" to each chapter of the book.
    • See also my SEWTHA blog (withouthotair.blogspot.com) and my ITILA blog (itila.blogspot.com)
  • If you want to meet me, or you want me to give a talk, or you want me to visit, please email me.

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