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Turbo codes

BPTD.ps.zip (old USA site). BPTD.ps (USA master site). BPTD.ps.gz (UK mirror, not nec. up to date). BPTD.ps.gz (Canada mirror).
Turbo Decoding as an Instance of Pearl's `Belief Propagation' Algorithm.
R. J. McEliece, D. J. C. MacKay and J.-F. Cheng. In IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communication.
turbo-ldpc.ps.gz. | PDF | | DJVU | abstract. | <- UK | Canada -> | turbo-ldpc.ps.gz. abstract.
` Turbo Codes are Low Density Parity Check Codes '.
This material was included in other papers, such as the big one (mncN.ps.gz).
tcc-al.ps.gz. | PDF | | DJVU | no abstract. | <- UK | Canada -> | tcc-al.ps.gz. no abstract.
` Trellis-constrained codes '.
Brendan J. Frey and David J.C. MacKay. Presented at Allerton 1997.
postscript. | <- UK | Canada -> | abstract.
` Irregular turbocodes '. with Brendan Frey. (in Proceedings of the 37th Allerton Conference on Communication, Control and Computing 1999, Allerton House, Illinois.)
G4096.ps.gz. G4096.pdf. | G4096.DJVU. abstract. | <- UK | Canada -> | G4096.ps.gz. G4096.pdf. | G4096.DJVU. abstract.
` (4096,3249) Gallager Codes compared with Tanner Product Codes '. `

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