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[See also the big paper on Gallager codes and MN codes.]
mceliece.ps.gz | TBSC-Decoding.pdf (old pdf file). | PDF | | DJVU |
BSC Thresholds for Code Ensembles based on `Typical pairs' decoding.
S. Aji, H. Jin, A. Khandekar, R. J. McEliece, and D. J. C. MacKay. In proceedings of IMA meeting 1999.
theorems.ps.gz | djvu | abstract | <- UK | Canada -> | theorems.ps.gz djvu | abstract |
`On Thresholds of Codes'.
fountain.ps.gz. fountain.pdf. abstract. | <- UK | Canada -> | fountain.ps.gz. fountain.pdf. abstract.
` Fountain Codes '. (2004)

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