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Runlength limiting codes, & codes for correcting insertions and deletions

PDF | | DJVU | abstract. | <- UK |
` "Watermark codes": reliable communication over channels with insertions, deletions, and substitutions '. Matthew Davey and David MacKay. One page paper in ISIT2000.
`Reliable communication over channels with insertions, deletions, and substitutions.' Paper appeared in IEEE-IT Feb 2001. See also Matthew Davey's web pages
ERRATUM: (19th March 2001) In the published version of the above IEEE-IT paper, figure 15 contained a minor error, now corrected on the file on this website. Both the dotted `Zigangirov' curves were a tiny bit higher than they ought to be. You can see the difference between the old curves and the corrected curves in this figure and you can also obtain the corrected curves or the entire corrected page.
The error has no influence on the substance of the paper.
This error arose because our definition of the deletion rate (pd) differs by a factor (1-pi) from that of Zigangirov, where pi is the insertion rate.
Thanks to Dave Leigh.
rll01.ps.gz. rll01.pdf. | rll01.DJVU. abstract. | <- UK | Canada -> | rll.ps.gz. rll01.pdf. | rll01.DJVU. abstract.
` Almost-certainly Runlength-limiting Codes '.
in proceedings of the IMA Cryptography and Coding Conference 2001, copyright Springer
rllt.ps.gz. | PDF | | DJVU | abstract. | <- UK | Canada -> | rllt.ps.gz. abstract.
` An Alternative to Runlength-limiting Codes: Turn Timing Errors into Substitution Errors '.
istc2000.ps.gz. | PDF | | DJVU | abstract. | <- UK | Canada -> | istc2000.ps.gz. abstract.
` Codes for Channels with Insertions, Deletions and Substitutions '. by Ed Ratzer and David MacKay. Presented at ISTC 2000, Brest.
leigh.pdf | leigh.ps
Capacity of Insertion-Deletion Channels
by Dave Leigh (2001) - Project supervised by David MacKay.

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