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Computational Neuroscience

Analysis of Linsker's simulations of Hebbian rules. (D. J. C. MacKay and K. D. Miller)
Network 1, 257-298. [pdf file]
Here is a text-only version of this paper (postscript). Here is a tar file of gzip-ed tiff or postscript files of the figures. More information.

The Role of Constraints in Hebbian Learning. (Kenneth D. Miller and David J.C. MacKay)
More information and pointers to a technical report. postscript (UCSF,USA) | postscript (Cambridge,UK).
Hyperacuity and Coarse Coding - a short paper that I never got round to publishing
postscript | PDF | | DJVU | | dvi | Abstract | | ps mirror, Canada | dvi mirror, Canada |
timing.ps.gz. | <- UK | Canada -> | | PDF | | DJVU | timing.ps.gz.
` Associative memory using action potential timing '.
Roland Muller, David MacKay and Andreas Herz
advance.ps.gz. | PDF | | DJVU | abstract. | <- UK | Canada -> | advance.ps.gz. abstract.
` Time Warp Invariance by Recoding Time Delays into Time Delays '.
Unpublished research note, March 1996.
spike_inf.ps.gz. | PDF | | DJVU | abstract. | <- UK | Canada -> | spike_inf.ps.gz. abstract.
` Hierarchical Odor or Speech Recognition - Bayesian Inference embodied in Neuronal Spikes '.
Unpublished research note, March 1996.
Computation with action potentials: Deductions about the Hopfield-Brody Mouse (html document)
David MacKay and research group.
October 2000.

See also the Neuroscience Data Analysis page.

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