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Bayesian methods for neural networks

See also my PhD thesis
network.ps.gz, | PDF | DJVU | abstract | ps mirror, Canada |
`Probable Networks and Plausible Predictions - A Review of Practical Bayesian Methods for Supervised Neural Networks'
This is the final version of a review paper based on a book chapter in a Springer publication entitled "Bayesian methods for backpropagation networks"; it appeared as a commissioned review article in Network (IOPP).
cpi_short.ps.gz | PDF | DJVU | | ps mirror, Canada |
Bayesian Non-Linear Modelling with Neural Networks
A review paper giving a basic introduction to neural networks and then describing Bayesian methods, with two case studies.
nips91.ps.gz.(9 pages) | | PDF | DJVU | | ps mirror, Canada| pdf. | DJVU. |
` Bayesian Model Comparison and Backprop Nets '.
NIPS paper reviewing Bayesian methods, and including discussion of the relationship to the `Effective VC dimension' in Structural Risk Minimization.
cpi4.ps.gz.(791K,43 pages) | PDF | DJVU | abstract. | ps mirror, Canada |
`Bayesian Methods for Neural Networks: Theory and Applications'.
Course notes for Neural Networks Summer School
hme.ps.gz up to date links are here
`Bayesian methods for Mixtures of Experts'
Steve Waterhouse, David MacKay and Tony Robinson
objective.ps.gz. | PDF | DJVU | abstract. | <- UK | Canada -> | objective.ps.gz. abstract.
` Searching for `optimal' inputs with an empirical regression model '.
nnbm.ps.gz. | PDF | DJVU |
`The Nonnegative Boltzmann Machine' with Oliver Downs and Daniel Lee. (NIPS 99)

Applications of Bayesian neural networks

pred.ps.gz, | PDF | DJVU | abstract | ps mirror, Canada |
Bayesian Non-linear Modeling for the Energy Prediction Competition
approx.ps.gz. approx.pdf. abstract. | <- UK | Canada -> | approx.ps.gz. approx.pdf. abstract.
` Bayesian Approximation Theory '. (2004)

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