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A Short LaTeX tutorial

Early work

A Method of Increasing the Contextual Input to Adaptive Pattern Recognition Systems, Technical Report RIPR 1000/14/87, Research Initiative in Pattern Recognition, Royal Signals and Radar Establishment, Malvern, Worcester. WR14 3PS
(My first paper on neural networks.)
DJVU files: Readable, but poor quality (130K) high-resolution version (2M) zip file containing huge tif images
connectionsM.ps.gz | PDF | |DJVU |
My first paper on statistics and neural networks,
Maximum Entropy Connections: Neural Networks,
was published in Maximum Entropy and Bayesian Methods, Laramie, 1990, pages 237-244.
I don't have the original postscript, but I have slapped together the above postscript document (which includes an unnecessary 7 page bibliography) to preserve the contents of the paper on line.

Mathematical recreations

A collection of puzzles for Darwin College magazine.
And a few more puzzles including physics and probability ideas.
rectangles.ps.gz. rectangles.pdf. html. abstract. | <- UK | Canada -> | rectangles.ps.gz. rectangles.pdf. html. abstract.
`Simple Proofs of a Rectangle Tiling Theorem'. (2003)
[Also, a one-page introduction to this problem is here: (pdf) (postscript)]
corner.ps.gz. corner.pdf. abstract. | <- UK | Canada -> | corner.ps.gz. corner.pdf. abstract.
` Big Things that Squeeze Round Corners '.
conway.ps.gz. conway.pdf. abstract. | <- UK | Canada -> | conway.ps.gz. conway.pdf. abstract.
I edited a 15-page book chapter, `The Power of Mathematics', by John Conway. (Another site with a lecture by Conway)

Other Fun stuff

A note about the iTap / T9 text-to-numbers code
Bao: An illustration of what research in theoretical physics is like

Bayesian methods, quickies

`The pope is (probably) not an alien' | <- UK | Canada -> | html
With Sean Eddy
euro.ps.gz. euro.pdf. | euro.DJVU. abstract. | <- UK | Canada -> | euro.ps.gz. euro.pdf. | euro.DJVU. abstract.
Belgian euro coins: 140 heads in 250 tosses -- suspicious?

Teaching methods

exams.ps.gz. exams.pdf. abstract. | <- UK | Canada -> | exams.ps.gz. exams.pdf. abstract.
` Everyone Should Get an A '.
Number theory (not a highly recommended paper!)
sumsquares.ps.gz. sumsquares.pdf. | sumsquares.DJVU. abstract. | <- UK | Canada -> | sumsquares.ps.gz. sumsquares.pdf. | sumsquares.DJVU. abstract.
` Numbers that are Sums of Squares in Several Ways '.
by David MacKay and Sanjoy Mahajan
(Not a highly recommended paper as it was written with no knowledge of number theory)

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