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Monte Carlo methods

erice.ps.gz. | PDF | DJVU | abstract. | <- UK | Canada -> | erice.ps.gz. abstract.
` Introduction to Monte Carlo methods '.
A review paper in the proceedings of an Erice summer school, ed. M.Jordan.
paris.ps.gz. | PDF | DJVU | abstract | ps mirror, Canada. abstract |
` Probabilistic Networks: New Models and New Methods '.
A paper describing an interpolation model with input-dependent noise level, implemented using `BUGS'. This paper is for ICANN95 in Paris. For more information about the BUGS program, see ftp.mrc-bsu.cam.ac.uk.
astro.ps.gz, | PDF | DJVU | astro.tar | ps mirror, Canada |
Inferring the distance to the Virgo cluster from Cepheid data using the BUGS program. (Bayesian inference using Gibbs Sampling). Currently this sketched report uses mock data.
Infrared magnitude-redshift relations for luminous radio galaxies
K. J. Inskip, P. N. Best, M. S. Longair, and D. J. C. MacKay
This is an electronic version of an article published in Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society: complete citation information for the final version of the paper, as published in the print edition of Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, is available on the Blackwell Science Synergy online delivery service, accessible via the journal's Website at: http://www.blacksci.co.uk/MNR.
Exact sampling from antiferromagnetic spin systems
Ryan Patterson, Andrew Childs, Radford Neal and David MacKay. This paper was published in Phys Rev E vol 63, 036113, under the title Exact Sampling from nonattractive distributions using summary states.
slice.ps.gz | pdf | DJVU. abstract. | <- UK | Canada -> | slice.ps.gz | pdf | DJVU | abstract.
` Slice Sampling - a Binary Implementation '.
By John Skilling and David MacKay
To appear in Annals of Statistics
nested.ps | nested.pdf |
` Nested Sampling - a tutorial '.

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