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Modelling of images and radar

nn_im_decon.ps.gz, | PDF | | DJVU | abstract | ps mirror, Canada |
`Neural Network Image Deconvolution', by John E. Tansley, Martin J. Oldfield and David J.C. MacKay
radar3.ps.gz. | PDF | | DJVU | abstract | ps mirror, Canada |
`Bayesian analysis of linear phased-array radar' by A.G. Green and D.J.C. MacKay.
i3.ps.gz (494K). | PDF | | DJVU | abstract | ps mirror, Canada |
A. Barnett and D. MacKay: `Bayesian Comparison of Models for Images'.

Neuroscience Data Analysis

newint.ps.gz. | PDF | | DJVU | abstract. | <- UK | Canada -> | newint.ps.gz. abstract.
D. MacKay and R. Takeuchi: `Interpolation models with multiple hyperparameters'. (Published in Statistics and Computing)
The spatial arrangement of cones in the fovea: Bayesian analysis (unpublished research note, 25.3.1993, discussing data of Mollon and Bowmaker - Are cones arranged randomly in the retina?)
(7 pages) cones.ps | cones.pdf
shuffle.ps.gz. | PDF | | DJVU | abstract. | <- UK | Canada -> | shuffle.ps.gz. abstract.
` A Comment on Data Shuffling '.
by David J. C. MacKay, Christopher deCharms and Virginia R. de Sa.
cnssumm.ps.gz. | PDF | <- UK | USA -> | | DJVU | <- UK | USA -> | Ginny's site |
Old draft: bridge.ps.gz. abstract. | <- UK | Canada -> | bridge.ps.gz. abstract.
` Model fitting as an Aid to Capacitance Compensation and Bridge Balancing in Neuronal Recording '.
by David J. C. MacKay and Virginia R. de Sa. - Publication details:
de Sa, V.R., & MacKay, D.J.C. (2001). Model fitting as an Aid to Bridge Balancing in Neuronal Recording. Neurocomputing (special issue devoted to Proceedings of the CNS 2000 meeting) Vol38-40, 1651-1656.
  • Time-warp-invariant computation with action potentials: Deductions about the Hopfield-Brody Mouse by David MacKay and Seb Wills
    In December 2000, the Inference Group won Hopfield and Brody's `mouse brain' competition.

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