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little hair passport photo aged 12 Trinity College 1988 Mug Mug Mug Nippon David on Cuillin ridge mug shot by Laure David MacKay

Some biographical stuff...


Information Theory, Inference, and Learning Algorithms To find out about my research and teaching, see the links at the left.


and recreation...
I'm a fellow of Darwin College. I'm a vegetarian, but I still help Davin roast small mammals at Darwin.


I am involved in a couple of companies.
  • I'm co-founder of Transversal, which produces metafaq, among other products.
  • I was a director of TradeNotAid.com, which aims to help developing countries' companies do more trade through the internet.
transversal The Grauniad ran an article about Transversal, and a friend modified their pictures...
We tried to start an on-line tanning company, but "tanonline.com" and "sunscreen.com" were taken.

Community organizations


I served on the executive of the Cambridge & St. Ives Railway Organisation

I helped in the successful campaign to free Sally Clark

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