A Hope in Hell

C. J. E. Lefroy

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Biography - C.J.E. Lefroy

Born in Gloucestershire in 1925, John Lefroy was educated at Wellington College and Clare College, Cambridge. It was whilst at Cambridge that he was converted to become a follower of Jesus Christ - the event which was to direct the rest of his life.

He was ordained as an Anglican Priest in 1950 and served curacies at St. Matthew's, West Ham and All Soul's Langham Place, both in London.

Staying in London to become Vicar of Christ Church, Highbury, he worked there until his retirement in 1990.

John Lefroy was known as a clear thinking and, in many ways an uncompromising evangelical teacher. The thesis of this book, therefore, is striking because of its unorthodox and compassionate nature.

Unfinished at the time of his death in 1998, it may raise as many questions as it answers about the nature of hell and the afterlife. It certainly provides evidence of a life spent on a sincere, disciplined and scholarly quest for truth.

Elizabeth Lefroy Watt

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