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How to get a bank account

Barclays offers a free account with an ATM card and internet banking. They have a branch at 15 Benet street, CB2 3PZ in Cambridge, at the market square close to Kings College.

Setting up the account takes about 40 minutes, so it is best to call them and make an appointment in advance.

Call Miss Carly Taylor at +44 (0)1223-542203 (or try +44(0)1223 542139). To open the account you will need:

  • Valid Identification (such as a passport)
  • Proof of your address in the UK
  • Proof of your address for the past 3 years (like a document with your home address)
  • Address of your employer or host (Cambridge University)
they will ask a ton of questions and check your british debt record.

When K.S. opened her account, it helped to have a letter of introduction from the university department (a letter from DJCM was good enough). This letter should have the name exactly as it appears in the passport, and both the addresses of the visitor (last address and current address).

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