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PhD Theses submitted

TitleExaminersExamination date
Mark Gibbs Bayesian Gaussian Processes for Regression and Classification Steve Gull(?) and Chris Williams ~ Sep 3 1997
Matthew Davey Error-Correction using Low-Density Parity-Check Codes. Steve Gull and Paddy Farrell Friday 17th December, 1999
Simon Wilson Applications of cyclic belief propagation Ross Anderson and Paddy Farrell May 29th 2000
James Miskin Ensemble Learning for Independent Component Analysis. Steve Gull and Stephen Roberts ~ April 19, 2001
David Ward Adaptive Computer Interfaces Tadashi Tokieda and Peter Littlewood ~ 18 December 2001
John Winn Variational Message Passing and its Applications Zoubin Ghahramani and David Spiegelhalter November 2003 (Submitted September 2003)
Ed Ratzer Error-correction on non-standard communication channels November 2003 (Submitted September 2003)
Seb Wills Computation with Spiking Neurons Carlos Brody and Graeme Mitchison November 2004 (Submitted October 1 2004)
Phil Cowans Probabilistic Document Modelling Zoubin Ghahramani and Steve Renals April 28th 2006 (Examined 9 May 06)
David Stern Modelling Uncertainty in the Game of Go Stephen Eglen and Yee-Whye Teh Examined Nov 28 2007
Hanna Wallach Structured Topic Models for Language Zoubin Ghahramani and Yee-Whye Teh Submitted 9 June 2008, Examined June 22 2008
Ryan Adams Nonparametric Bayesian Inference for Probability Densities and Point Processes Carl Edward Rasmussen and Neil Lawrence Submitted 30th April 2009, Examined 1 June 2009
Keith Vertanen Efficient Correction Interfaces for Speech Recognition John Bridle and Phil Woodland Submitted 30th April 2009, Examined 1 June 2009
Oliver Stegle Probabilistic models in computational biology Wolfgang Huber and Brendan Frey Submitted 30th April 2009, Examined 1 June 2009
Philip Hennig Approximate Inference in Graphical Models Zoubin Ghahramani and Neil Lawrence Submitted 14 November 2010, Examined 11 January 2011
Philip Sterne Distributed Associative Memory Carl Rasmussen and David Willshaw Examined 21 January 2011; Approved 19 April 2011.
Carl Scheffler Applied Bayesian Inference: Natural Language Modelling and Visual Feature Tracking Phil Woodland and Yee-Whye Teh Submitted 20 December 2010, Examined ... February 2011
Christian Steinrücken Lossless Data Compression Carl Rasmussen and Frank Wood Examined 23 Oct 2014

MPhil Theses submitted

TitleExaminersExamination date
John Barry Polyphonic Music Transcription using Independent Component Analysis Steve Gull and Mark Plumbley Submitted 25.4.2003
Tamara Broderick

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