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Graduate places - this information is no longer applicable

Applications are handled through the "Mott" system in the Cavendish. Please apply to the Cavendish and also get in touch with David MacKay. Candidates are interviewed by a panel of `wise men' from the Mott building who decide to whom offers can be made. Each year typically one PhD place is available. British students in the group have typically been funded by CASE awards or EPSRC awards. Non-British students have been funded by Gates studentships, by Microsoft research studentships, and by other scholarships, especially ones awarded by the Cambridge Trusts. Questions about joining the group?

Postdoctoral people

A helpful list of funding sources for aspiring postdocs, compiled by Robert MacKay

If you can raise your own money, get in touch!

New information - last updated May 2013

  • (29th March 2013) - I've been appointed Regius Professor of Engineering, and will be moving from the Cavendish Laboratory, where I've worked since January 1992, to the Engineering Department (CUED). I will continue to work 4 days per week as Chief Scientific Advisor to the Department of Energy and Climate Change.
  • - Researchers who would like to work with me on whole-system energy modelling are encouraged to look at the jobs being advertised by Julian Allwood; I will be collaborating closely with Julian's group in CUED, so these jobs offer a guaranteed route to interaction with me.

  • The Inference Group is supported by the Gatsby Foundation
    and by a partnership award from IBM Zurich Research Laboratory
    David J.C. MacKay
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