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BayeSys3 tar file, including Makefile
BayeSys3 zip file (for Windows users)
[Original tar file]

Here at last is my public-domain BayeSys3 program, with improved calculation of "Evidence" value. You are welcome to use it, test it, point to it, whatever. There's also the manual (in TeX and postscript) --- still with the long lines you don't like but I do. Presumably it will also get onto

John Skilling

Notes by David MacKay

Mon 29/3/04

  1. The original tar file does not contain a Makefile for compilation of the C examples. In the test directory I wrote a Makefile for linux.

    I edited the .c, .h files so that they work on linux. (The modification required is to remove the terminal C-z in each file).

    When done, I made an alternate BayeSys3 tar file.

  2. I implemented another toy problem using BayeSys, and write a log of what I did here.

Data Analysis - A Bayesian Tutorial - Second Edition - Devinderjit Sivia and John Skilling
Data Analysis - A Bayesian Tutorial - Second Edition by Devinderjit Sivia and John Skilling ISBN 0198568312
Includes chapters on Nested Sampling and Quantification by MCMC
C code from the book, and tar file
From Issac Trotts: Python code - |||
    and R code - |mininest.r| lighthouse.r|
Lush code directory

Nested Sampling

Nested sampling example program (GPL) [updated Sept 2004]
Zip file (for Windows users)

figs/nestnested sampling A new Monte Carlo method by John Skilling.

[Updated Oct 2004] Nested Sampling for General Bayesian Computation (postscript, 16 pages)
| (updated again Tue 8/2/2005) (pdf, 19 pages)

New Sat 1/4/06: Nested Sampling for Bayesian Computations (pdf) paper for Valencia Meeting 2006 (postscript)

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Nested sampling explanatory illustrations by David MacKay: postscript, 4 pages | pdf

Slides by John Skilling, August 2005: `Turning On and Off' | (same slides, higher resolution images)

Old May 2004 Source code Nested sampling example program (GPL)
Nested zip file (for Windows users)

David MacKay