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Travel insurance

From 1 August 2007 the University is now providing free comprehensive travel insurance for employees travelling abroad on University business as long as the trip has been registered.

Trips should be registered online.

Inference Group Research Grants / Accounts

Accounts: x37412, Mr Matthew Burgess

AEGIS Research Grant - RG50866 KMZA/061 with EC FP7 CP - Collaborative Projects

SET UP AS PER CONTRACT - EURO 561,721.65 AT EXCHANGE RATE 1.34 = STERLING ?419,195.26 - SUBJECT TO CHANGE WHEN ACTUAL EXCHANGE RATE IS KNOWN RG Number: 50866 UFS Project: KMZA/061 pFACT ID: 7910 PI Name: MacKay, DJC Department: Physics - Theory of Condensed Matter Sponsor: EC FP7 CP ? Collaborative Projects Sponsor Ref: 224348 Start Date: 2008-09-01 End Date: 2012-02-29 Full Title: AEGIS - Open Accessibility Everywhere: Groundwork, Infrastructure, Standards
	* Payments are expressed in person-months
	* Month 1 = Now, i.e.  1st September 2008

Period         Person-months
------	       -------------
M 1-12            26
M13-24            30
M25-36            30
M37-44/end	  11.90
----------     -------------
Total             97.90

Dasher donations

KM.KMGB.EGDT - (24.7K on Thu 23/8/07)

Nokia donations

KM.KMGC.HBDT - (18K on Thu 23/8/07)

Lab consumables

KM.KMGB.AAAA - (1K on Thu 23/8/07)

MacKay General Fund

KM.KMGB.EFBQ - (20.9K on Thu 23/8/07)
Per Ola K RG52032 with EC FP7 MC IEF - Intra-European Fellowships for Career Development. STERLING 120,317.90
started 1 July 2008.


RG47219 (studentship for Christian S) activated Wed Jan 3 12:36:55 2007 Wed Jan 3 12:36:55 2007 RG NUMBER: 47219 pFACT ID: 3399 UFS PROJECT: The project number has now been changed From KKZA/047 - Astrophysics To KMZA/036 - Theory of condensed Matter Physics PI NAME: MacKay, Doctor David JC DEPARTMENT: Physics - Astrophysics SPONSOR: Microsoft Research Limited (MRL) SPONSOR REF: 2007-011 START DATE: 01/10/2006 END DATE: 30/09/2009 FULL TITLE: MRL Studentship for Christian Steinruecken: "Learning to recognise hierarchies of objects and scenes"



SAMSUNG: grant for work on communication and tracking RG47069 RG47069 KKZA/044 (transferred 2000 equipment money to AP)

Distributed phase codes, and Beyond Dasher

RG43517 with Gatsby Charitable Foundation RG 43517 KMZA/051
Please note I have reduced the consumables budget by ?284 to keep in line with the +Gatsby allocation for the 1st year of ?98,374. Jamie Horsley Applications and Awards Manager Research Services Division 16 Mill Lane Cambridge CB2 1SB T: +44 (0) 1223 765018 F: +44 (0) 1223 332988
RG NUMBER:	43517
UFS PROJECT:	was KKZA/038  now  RG 43517 KMZA/051
PI NAME:	MacKay, Prof D J C
DEPARTMENT:	Physics - Astrophysics
SPONSOR:	Gatsby Charitable Foundation
START DATE:	01/01/2005
END DATE:	31/12/2007
FULL TITLE:	Distributed Phase Codes and 'Beyond Dasher' projects

Direct tel:	64191	Fax: 01223 332988

Receiving donations

The IBAN number is: IBANGB96BARC20171910921084 The Swift code is: BARCGB22 The IBAN number includes the bank sort code and account number but just for completeness these are: Sort Code: 20-17-19 A/c No.: 10921084 When the transfer is made could you ask for the Reference/Comment " Physics KM (MacKay donation) " to be added so that we can pick the item up in the listings and transfer it to your account?

Martin King donation to support Disabled-related research

The sterling amount is 15,523.13. account is KK.KKBO.HABQ

5000USD (3129.89UKP) by the Nine Tuna Foundation to support rehabilitative engineering projects. This will shortly be credited to KK.KKBO.HABQ. The Martin King funds are now in that account. This has changed to KK.KKBO.EFBQ which also includes the 15K from MS.

Funds from RG32843 and RG32054 (CASE awards for Ed and Seb)

These funds were transferred to the AP CASE account (KK.KKBM.GBAA/B) Tue 23/9/03.

Microsoft Studentship to support David Stern

(supervised by Dr Mackay and co-supervised by Thore Graepel of Microsoft Research) reference number RG 38193. Microsoft Studentship for David Stern - Machine Learning For Go
        UFS Project/Task        KKZA/024
 Karen E M Hewitt
Awards Administrator
Research Finance Group
Research Collaboration Office
16 Mill Lane

Tel No: 01223 764191
Fax No: 01223 332988

IBM award

was CRA 0171, is now KKCE/HBDT. [bal Fri 28/6/02 7007]

John Winn

Further to your enquiry regarding possibly funding from Microsoft for conference attendance, please see the message below from Sharon Renault. The money is in account number KKBM GBAA - Emma knows about it if you want to query anything. As the contract for funding is between students and funding bodies, I haven't seen any correspondence from Microsoft. I understand from you, John, that you also haven't seen any paperwork. >I imagine it will be the same next year. You should check with Robert next >year. > >Regards > >Sharon Renaut


2,400 (1,000 of which is from MS) available for travel, etc, in AP CASE account KKBM GBAB. KKZA/005


Award No. RG32054, "Error Correcting Communications (CASE)


British Telecommunications plc ML845741: "Industrial CASE - Mr S Wills:
Inference and learning using simple hardware"

    Award No.       RG32843
    Project No.    KKZA/005
    Task No.              1

The award has an announced period of 1 October 2000 to 30 September 2003.
The award provides Industrial CASE support for Mr S A Wills for 36 months.

Gatsby charitable foundation: Senior Research Fellowship for DJCM

GAT 2277 (starting Sep 2002)
 RG 36363


UFS project: KKZA/034
Ec FP6 (NoE - Partner) SPONSOR REF: 511598 START DATE: 01/08/2004 END DATE: 31/07/2007 FULL TITLE: COGAIN: Communication by gaze interaction Administrator: x64191

The Dasher Project

 RG NUMBER	36325
 UFS Project/Task nos.	KKZA/019
contact if any questions

Gatsby charitable foundation: Associate Lectureship for Sanjoy

GAT 2251 (starting 1 sep 2002) KKZA/013

Gatsby charitable foundation computer support

RG 21564. (closed)

Gatsby charitable foundation - Teaching Physics

was RG 26397. Now RG: 36075

EPSRC Withers/MacKay

EPSRC grant number L 10239. Departmental ref: RG 23369.

Inferential sciences general fund

Mon 26/2/07: The general donations account is now KMGB EGDT and there is currently 20,914.32 in there. I will ask Tina to credit this account with the 320.00. [(Money from Parsons, Piresearch) -- was AL01 - 0007, KKCJ GAAA Nippon steel 2000.00]

The Inference Group is supported by the Gatsby Foundation
and by a partnership award from IBM Zurich Research Laboratory
David J.C. MacKay
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