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Version 3.2 new features

The key new features of Dasher 3.2.0 are:
  1. One-dimensional mode; start on mouse-position - making it possible for someone who can only move one muscle to write with Dasher and stop and start Dasher themselves.
  2. Control mode - giving rudimentary stop, pause, edit, and speech options.
  3. Alphabet + colour options - many new alphabets to choose from, plus the option to define your own colour schemes.
  4. Speech is available in both Windows and Linux.
  5. Language model has a new user-adjustable parameter, which controls how much real-estate is devoted to predicting characters that are not predicted by the language model proper. (Default 5%, but beginners, or people writing bizarre documents, might like to increase this.)

Version 3.2 information for Developers

Making version 3.2 under Debian

From a fresh CVS checkout, you need to do ./ in order to generate the configure scripts and makefiles, and then make. Eigg is probably the best machine to do this on - the libraries required for building Dasher aren't on all of the systems yet.

The Dasher project is supported by the Gatsby Foundation
and by the European Commission in the context of
the AEGIS project - open Accessibility Everywhere: Groundwork, Infrastructure, Standards)

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